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M40 'Gift' Glass Engraving Machine (M40 with tooling for cylindrical parts and glass engraving). 

An affordably-priced, marking system that's fast and quiet. Ideal for the retail trade and gift shops.


  • Engraving on Glass, Cutlery, Awards, Jewellery, Souvenirs, Lighters, Business Gifts, Special Occasion Gifts etc.

    Working on glass calls for the highest performing tools, including faceted diamonds and CO2 laser technology. Gravograph's engraving machines offer the most effective technologies for engraving and personalising your champagne flutes, beer glasses, bottles and decanters, mirrors, windows signage, and so much more!

    Achieve an impeccable result with the range of accessories that are compatible with our engraving machines. You can also extend the service life of your tools and improve the engraving result with the lubrication kit or achieve a perfect finish with our cold wax sticks, to add colour to your engravings!

    Laser engraving roughens the worked surface, while diamond engraving hollows out the material to deliver a finer engraving while maintaining its transparency. Choose laser or mechanical technology according to the desired effect, your budget and your production needs.

How to Engrave a Bottle with the M40G Machine
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