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M10 Jewel: Compact ring and bracelet engraving machine

The M10 Jewel is a jewellery personalisation machine. With a footprint of the size of an A4 sheet, this compact engraver is designed for internal and external ring and bangle engraving and required very little technical manipulation or maintenance.


  • Compact engraving machine The M10J rotary engraving machine has a 230x293mm footprint, enabling you to place it even in small stores and workshops. Take it to Christmas markets, fairs or any event stand thanks to its lightweight of 6.5kg - one of the lightest on the market! Drop your tools and jewels on the plate on the top of the machine, designed for maximum space optimisation.
  • Internal and external engraving The M10J is fitted with 3 jaws around the moving diamond tip for internal and external ring and bracelet engraving. Choose between 4 positions to match the jewel diameter and shape. No technical manipulation is required when putting the ring or bracelet in the machine, simply clamp it by turning the clamping wheel!
  • Error-free engraving process Easily position texts, symbols and logos on your jewels with the ABC engraving software. Your composition is auto-centred and simulated on the software interface before the engraving starts, eliminating the risk of error. Integrate an item catalogue with pre-saved engraving settings to save time and stress!



Easy to use

A few minutes is enough to successfully complete an engraving job and obtain an excellent outcome. Texts, symbols and logos are very easily positioned on the engraveable object thanks to the GravoStyle™ software assistant. The composition is simulated on this interface before engraving begins, which avoids any errors. It is easy to install the tools and objects for engraving, as the diamond tip is automatically adjusted on the Z axis to produce outstanding results almost instantly.

M10 Jewel
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