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Professional engraving, cutting and machining solutions

Designed by professional engravers for professional engravers, these machines are fast, powerful and precise, above all. They meet Gravograph's quality and reliability targets.


Their DC motors on the X, Y and Z axes and ball bearings with prestressed led screws, ensure a high level of quality. The 200W direct current spindle motor is quiet and powerful. The IS6000 XP, IS7000 XP and IS8000 XP come with a collet spindle and system of presetting for cutters.


Fast, their speed reaches up to 240mm/s!


Adjustable rotation speed from 13000 to 20000 rpm for machining of various materials. In addition, it has a complete range of spindles, clamping accessories (vices and cylindrical attachments) and tools to suit the evolution of applications and extend your area of expertise.

Make a good choice: get to know the characteristics of the IS6000 XP, IS7000 XP and IS8000 XP


X andY axes  
 IS6000 XP engraving area 610 x 410 mm
IS7000 XP engraving area 610 x 815 mm
IS8000 XP engraving area 610 x 1220 mm
Flatness tolerance 0.2 mm
Max. clearance in X between columns 880 mm
Max. clearance in Y unlimited
Z axis  
Spindle traval 80 mm
Spindle clearance with clamping table 80 mm
Spindle clearance with vice 140 mm
Movement transmission DC motor and ball bearings on 3 axis
When engraving 60 mm/s
Empty 240 mm/s
Tool diameter 4.36 mm
Rotation speed 13 - 20 000 rpm
Tool clamping By collet
IS6000 XP 180 kg 
IS7000 XP 230 kg
IS8000 XP 280 kg
IS6000 - 7000 - 8000 Machines
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