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WELASE, small laser engraver station for in-store and on-line personalisation.

Introducing the magic of laser engraving to your business. The Welase achieves personalisation of the highest quality in a matter of seconds and raise your customers curiosity.


  • Designed for retail. Compact, sleek and quiet, with large viewing windows, this personalisation machine creates a unique in-store experience, giving your customers an object to keep and a moment to remember. Meeting the most stringent world safety regulation, Welase is a certified Class 1 system designed for use in public retail environments.
  • High-end technology made simple. Benefit from our cutting-edge technology in an easy-to-use laser which works without needing to know about its galvanometric high-speed marking head, automatic vertical axis, positioning assistants, easy fix vices, smart vision, and different custom software from “no training required” to “expert”. The Welase can also be used in workshops, able to interface with web servers and ERP systems to deliver high volume on-line sales of uniquely personalised items.
  • Custom laser engraving. Welase is available with Fibre, Co2, Hybrid or Green laser sources to get the best results on the material of your choice. With many accessories, options, and specialised packages, we have the solution for your items, e.g. engraving inside silver rings, ornaments glass flasks, cuts metallic shapes, darkens leather bracelet, and many other possibilities.



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