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  • The LS900 is a laser engraving and cutting solution with a large working surface for mass produced or large sized items.

    It's the ideal solution for small signs, safety notices, personalising pens, gifts and glasses, etc.

    Robust and adaptable

    The high resolution CO₂ laser beam provides optimum finesse when processing. The speed and precision of the guides reduce the engraving and cutting time to a minimum.

    The LS900 table provides adaptability and reduces material costs as the leaves are larger. The important directional travel of the Z allows it engrave plaques and pieces including large volumes of objects (glasses, gift sets, tubes, etc).

    Front access makes loading and unloading operations easier than ever before and the integrated wheel-mounted extractor limits the machine's footprint.

    Designed to optimise productivity

    This very robust design (mechanically welded frame, pre-determined linear guideways, etc) means the LS900 is highly reliable. The double fume and dust extraction system and adjustable aid assist function optimise the quality of engraving, cutting and friendly for the work environment.

    Designed to optimise productivity, the LS900 incorporates a number of functions that reduce set-up and make-ready times: a red aiming beam laser, automatic focal adjust (autofocus), a cycle time indicator and an end of job alarm. 

    Overall dimensions and weight

    Dimensions (w, h, d) 1080 x 810 x 945 mm
    Weight 180 kg

    Engraving capabilities

    Engraving area 610 x 610 mm
    Z axis 250 mm

    Interface software

    The Gravostyle™Graphic software makes job creation easier than ever. It allows engraving parameters to be saved with the job, and its advanced functions provide extended capabilities in a few clicks of a mouse (barcodes, photos, rubber stamps, dials, etc.).

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Gravograph LS900 - Acrylic cutting
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