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LS1000XP: large laser engraving and cutting machine for high productivity

Numerous innovative functions and features are combined into the LS1000XP, turning it into the ultimate engraving and cutting laser for intensive production.


  • High productivity laser machine The LS1000XP benefits from a large working area of 1220x610mm, allowing you to load a whole material sheet at once. The 4 m/sec work speed (in raster mode), and the powerful CO2 laser source make this laser engraver and cutter a high-quality machine for high productivity rates.
  • Made for cutting applications Easily cut plastic, acrylic, wood, rubber, paper and more to create quality signage and personalized items. The LS1000XP laser comes with cutting accessories such as a collection tray, a cutting table with removable slats and more. Powerful CO2 sources are available, up to 150W for heavy-duty jobs.
  • Increased usability for reduced production times The front-loading and double pass-through of the LS1000XP machine offer total accessibility: front and sides doors on the chassis ease the loading of heavy or oversized items. Use the red pointer to position your engraving or cutting starting point, and reduce the risk of error.



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