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laser engraving and cutting of all materials

Dual source laser engraving and cutting machine
Diversify your business! The LS900 EDGE is the ideal combination for laser engraving and cutting multiple materials. Its two laser sources, CO2 and Fibre, make it highly flexible in use. Its large engraving area is suitable for piece production and short and medium-length job runs.

The Gravostyle software makes for easy switching between the two sources. It also offers control functions that are specific to dual source mode.

Tried and tested laser technologies

Proud of its know-how, Gravograph innovates yet remains faithful to its core activity. The LS900 EDGE laser engraving and cutting machine combines a CO2 laser source and a Fibre source (20, 30 or 50 W), making it effective on a wide spectrum of materials. 


Powerful because it is generated and delivered via optical fibre, the Fibre laser source is effective on hard materials often used in industrial settings.

The CO2 laser source is generated by a combination of gas and electric discharge. Its properties therefore differ slightly from the Fibre laser, in particular allowing the marking of transparent materials since these do not react to Fibre laser.


Optimised software control

Supplied as standard, the Gravostyle software evolves with our machines. All previously created engraving and/or cutting jobs remain compatible with the LS900 EDGE.


Gravograph has established itself as a pioneer in the management of dual source machines: its software, Gravostyle, is now capable of A-to-Z control of jobs requiring the intervention of both CO2 technology and fibre technology! Determine which part of your job needs to be completed using one or other technology, by means of a colour system. The software then interprets the information and transmits it to the machine. No human operation is required ; the machine automatically switches from one to the other!


The two sources integrated into the LS900 EDGE increase the material engraving and cutting possibilities offered by the machine, from cutting paper to marking stainless steel.

Produce your short and medium-length job runs, personalise any type of object, create your own identification plates, machine industrial parts, engrave your trophies…All with one and the same machine!


Our primary concern is user convenience. 
Designed as a two-in-one laser machine, the LS900 EDGE perfectly complements the Gravograph laser range and is thus compatible with all the accessories available for the range: cylindrical attachmentcutting support , ...
Better still, the LS900 EDGE is the first dual source laser machine to feature optics (mirrors and lenses) that are compatible with both types of laser beam! No need for any manual operations between two marking processes, everything is directly controlled by the Gravostyle software.

Affordable for every budget

Not content with offering two machines in one, Gravograph also offers competitive prices. Contact us  for a quotation.


The extended range of applications coupled with the ergonomics of the LS900 EDGE make it a highly productivemachine, as its utilisation rate is extremely high.


With the Gravostyle software, you can choose to start just one of the two laser sources when you switch on the machine. Make savings by reducing wear in the unused laser source!

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