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Did you know that the Braille alphabet is not universal?

Each country has its own language and features (accents, special characters, etc). Therefore, a specific type of transcription software is required for each language and the different edition standards must also be taken into account.

Even though Braille character parameters are measured by the dimensions of fingertips, the size of the cells (height, length and spaces between dots) sometimes differs by a few millimetres. So we dedicated almost 2 years of research and development to develop the first prototypes.

Today, codes for almost 80 countries are available!

(including Arabic and Asiatic languages)

No need to be a Braille expert

You just need to enter the text in the language required, and the software automatically transcribes the information. The machine does the rest!

How it works...

Gravograph's electronic system makes perforations on a flat and rigid support based on a marked out drawing. Then, stainless steel or acrylic beads are pressed into slightly larger holes to create the Braille text.

Connecting Braille and raised letter signage

To provide more information, complete your Braille device with raised lettering.

Using the same software, your machine can cut out multi-layered material supports coloured in bulk. The letter or motif contour is cut out on the first layer, then the unnecessary material is removed, leaving the raised lettering. This technique caters for wood, metal and plastic.

A material specifically researched for Braille

For this application, Gravograph has designed a specific material with perfect rigidity. Its mechanical memory further optimises the raised finish: Gravotac™ and Gravotac™ Exterior

These specific sheets of material are divided into three very different categories to help the visually impaired to detect them and to meet the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards in the USA. 

The overall system has been designed using the recommendations of associations such as Valentin Haüy  and L'INJA in France, and the Once in Spain, to ensure they are reliable and in line with the expectations of their end users.

Just a Braille kit and you can begin!

This small briefcase contains all the items required for Braille signage with your Gravograph equipment.

A boundless solution combining information with raised letters and Braille, which also provides guidance using tactile maps.


Braille Signage
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